Adore and Modesty


About Harukimurakami; introduction about what I love


I like reading books.
especially I'm fond of novels, Sci-fi, Detective novels, Historilal ones.
When reading books I feel I diving into other world,era.

You know the name of Haruki Murakami, Natsume Soseki. Both are famous Japanese authers in the world.
I have something to say about Haruki Murakami.

As to him, in Japan, his fun and not are completely poles apart.
Because it is quite difficult to catch up what he says.
Actually I also felt difficulty to get what he wanna says, express. at first.
I read "Kafka On the Shore " at first.
It was a bit gross story to me.

But I found it's same as "One Thousand ans One Night" , the alod Arabian story.
In that, some strange things happens one thing after the next, with no reason.
I can't stop reading like "Oh, what happens to the nest!?"
That's the real charm of reading books.

There are some points in common;
1, There are two worlds in the story
2, The hero goes and back between the worlds ( or The hero and the another in different world encount;come to close)
3, The hero is somehow loved by women
4, The hero is somehow having sex
5, The hero is somehow feeling isolated

I recommend you "1Q84" as the first contact to Haruki's world.
It's similar to adventure, and implies a Japanese incident.

In 1995, we have a awful terrorism on Tokyo subway,by a religious cult.
Definitely it became one of his motif.

I got some messages from "1Q84".
one is that;

"To live is to choose one junction, and abandon others.
once you choose, you'll NEVER go back to the same world".

Haruki Murakami doesn't leave his thought or theme.
Just readers find the message and theme they want to get.

1Q84 BOOK1-3 文庫 全6巻 完結セット (新潮文庫)

1Q84 BOOK1-3 文庫 全6巻 完結セット (新潮文庫)

1Q84 (Vintage International)

1Q84 (Vintage International)

Kafka on the Shore (Vintage International)

Kafka on the Shore (Vintage International)