My Former Teacher past away

On 15 June, my former teacher in high school past away. He was 66 years old.
He had been taught me Judo for 3 years.


He had been suffering from Prostate cancer for a long time. After my graduate he underwent a survey.
After that, the cancer spread to the lymph node and the lungs.

I saw his face before cremation. He looked calm, changed nothing with 20 years ago.
it made me more missing him.

his son said, "though he was patient enough and had hated to go hospital, in his last period, he told us he wanted to go there. Then we realized how he had been fighting against the pain. " with tears flowing.

He was a reticence person.
In spite of that, numerous people attended his cremation and funeral.
I think that exactly indicates that he showed his way with his faithful attitude for Judo.

I respected him, and I will, forever.