Writing: will people stop buying newspapers in the future?

Eiken 2 grade practice:


TOPIC: These days, fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers。Do you think people will stop buying newspapers in the future?



Qualty of information


use 800〜100words


I think people will not stop buying newspapers in the future.
But, I think, instead of buying "newspapers" made by paper,peple will buy digital ones.

I have two reasons.

First, the reason why it appeared that people buy newspapers fewer, is because the get information on the Internet.
Internet can provide useful information more faster than newspaper. And it also costs much lower or even free.
However, there also are some information that doesn't tell the truth.That's the big problem of Internet information,
Second, to aboid catching such false news, and get more reliable information comfortably, some people buy news application with their smartphone.
Some people also pay money to subscribe digital newpapers with their e-books such as KIndle, Rakuten Kobo or PC.

Therefore, I think people in the future will keep buying newspapers. But, I expect they will get not only real papers but digital ones.